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About FastCAT

What?! You haven’t heard about FastCAT yet? Okay, you’re forgiven, but only because you’re awesome enough to be checking out this website. Let’s break it down, shall we?

FastCAT is the newest addition to Columbia Transit’s arsenol of bus routes meant to get you where you want, when you want. Seriously, it’s an express route through all the hip and happening spots:

MIZZOU Campus- Get your study on! Or have a latte in the commons while you pretend to study (We know you’re really facebook stalking your friends, and that’s okay).

University Hospital- Get fixed up after that spill you took off your skateboard, or maybe you just have the sniffles. We’re not judging.

Stephens College Campus- Get about town and back to the Mac Lab. Unless you’re an equestrian major, then you get to ride your horse everywhere, right? Oh, that’s not how it works. Bubble sufficiently burst.

Downtown- MMMMmmm food! So many restaurants, so little room in my stomach. And a drink with friends (if you’re legal and into that). And the shopping, oh the shopping. And who can forget the live music, indie movies and other general awesomeness found in The District.

None of these strike your fancy... float your boat... light your fire... where were we? Oh, right. FastCAT gives you access to any Columbia Transit route for FREE! Your eyes aren't deceiving you. We said it. FREE TRANSFERS! All you have to do is ask. No really, ask your driver when you board and they’ll give you a nifty transfer ticket. Didn’t your mom teach you to ask nicely? Oh, she did? Perfect.

You can pay per ride at the regular rate of $1.50 (transfers are still FREE). OR you can purchase a semester FASTPass and get unlimited rides all semester long for $100.00.
Better yet, get a group of 20 or more of your closest friends (or random acquaintances... you don’t have to be besties) for a discounted group rate of $62.50 per pass. Holy savings, Batman!

Buy your pass today at the Columbia Transit Office.

Did you decide to wear your oh so cute (but not so comfortable) shoes today? No worries! FastCAT has you covered with 24 convenient stops along the route. FastCAT is there for you year round. Even in the wee hours of the morning, running until 1:30am Thursday through Saturday. Alright, alright you want details... check out the map and schedule.

Door to door, FastCAT gets you where you want to go safely and securely. No kidding, there are 8 cameras on every bus. Count 'em, 8!

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